Tractor Engine Restoration: Complete Set

Learn everything you need to know to confidently restore John Deere New Generation Engines!

Follow along as Harvey Hamilton rebuilds his John Deere 3010 engine. Principles covered in the DVD apply to other New Generation John Deere Engines including: 3020, 4010, and 4020.

Visual Companion to Manuals
Watch in detail as the pages of your manual come to life on screen! Nothing replaces your owners manual, but with this DVD you can gain the technical knowledge you need to repair the engine in your tractor.

Taught by Experienced Mechanic
Learn from the best! Harvey Hamilton of Tired Iron Restoration has over 25 years of experience repairing tractors and works full time restoring for collectors all over the country.

Technically Accurate
Top experts have reviewed every detail so you know you can watch the video with confidence.

  • Engine Restoration Part 1

    2h 46m

    Importance of Manuals
    Initial Inspection
    Safety on the Engine Stand
    Monitoring the Engine Test
    First Test
    Compression Test
    Removing Fuel Filter
    Removing Fuel Injectors
    Removing Injection Pump
    Compression Test Cylinder #4
    Compression Test Cylinder #3
    Measuring C...

  • Engine Restoration Part 2

    2h 45m

    Cleaning the Engine Block
    Measuring Liner Protrusion
    Piston Rods
    Installing O-Rings
    Installing Main Bearings
    Installing Crankshaft
    Plastigaging Main Bearing Caps
    Installing Main Bearing Caps
    Installing Liners
    Installing Rods
    Installing Camshaft
    Installing Balancer

  • Machining Flywheel, Crankshaft, Camshaft & Engine Head


    Learn everything you need to know when you take your equipment to the machine shop. Harvey talks with Barry at Barry's Quality Machine about all the important choices you need to make. Learn what the machine shop does while you're away.

  • Pump Calibration at Diesel Fuel Injection Service

    1h 12m

    One of the essential steps in the process is pump calibration. We traveled down to Diesel Fuel Injection Service to show you how that is done.